Easy to Update

Content editing tools YOU can use.

You’re equipped to do the job right from the get-go.

Of course, it's no walk in the park to come up with meaningful things to share with the world, but it's a heck of a lot easier when you have content editing tools within your custom website that are easy and fun to use. Over the years we've talked with many business owners who say the technical difficulty of updating their websites is the primary reason they don't use them in a dynamic way to bring in new clients and maintain existing relationships.

Rocketship is an extremely versatile communication tool. Here a just a few ways you can dynamically communicate with your prospects and customers using the Rocketship website management tools:

  • Create a blog (or news) and direct people to subscribe to it.
  • Sign up for a recommended email marketing program, and embed the opt-in form in various strategic places on your website.
  • Create a product review video that you host on YouTube, and then easily embed it in your site using Rocketship's video embed tool.
  • Use Google Analytics™ to see how visitors are interacting with the content on your site, and then adjust to meet your goals. (Google Analytics integrates very easily with your Rocketship website.)

With Rocketship, there's nothing that will get in the way of good business communication. We challenge you today to do something that will make a huge difference in your success: Sign up for Rocketship custom websites and start communicating with your customers!

Rocketship’s built-in content tools:

Custom WebsiteText Box

Rich-text editor with Word-like formatting options.

Custom WebsiteImages

Place an image anywhere—works with any standard web image.

Custom WebsiteImage Rotator

Cycles through a series of images with cool transitions.

Custom WebsitePhoto Gallery

Upload images to create galleries.

Custom WebsiteDocuments

Downloadable documents in PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

Custom WebsiteContact Forms

Easily get feedback from your visitors.

Custom WebsiteMailChimp Form

Instert a MailChimp form for building your mailing list.

Custom WebsiteVideos

Embed from YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, etc.

Custom WebsiteAudio Player

Built-in .mp3 audio player, for easy Podcasting.

Custom WebsiteCurrent Weather

Display the current weather for your area.

Custom WebsiteMaps

Embed a map to your location from Google, Bing, etc.

Custom WebsiteBuilt-in Blog & RSS

Easily add blogs to your site.

Custom WebsiteEmbedded HTML Code

Integrate code from other online applications.