About Us

Where we came from.

A 19+ year history.

For over 19 years, Luminous has created websites, identities, and other cool interactive media for larger companies. In the early 2000's many of these clients began asking for tools that would give them the ability to edit their site without the need to know html code or other programming languages. In 2003, Luminous launched a browser-based content management system called Orchestrate™, and to this day it continues to be an excellent solution for these enterprise-level clients.

How Rocketship was born.

The overlooked small business audience.

But what about the increasing base of small business customers—the backbone of the U.S. economy—who can't afford to purchase and support enterprise-level software and services? Utilizing everything we'd learned while building Orchestrate and other web solutions, we set out to create a custom website solution that would fit the needs of the average small business, and Rocketship was born.

The idea behind Rocketship was to provide the average small business an opportunity to get a great-looking site that will deliver results. We also knew that we couldn't expect our customers to deal with the technical intricacies and costs of running their own servers, so we decided to offer a hosted software solution and charge a reasonable monthly fee. We manage all of the technical stuff for them, provide training and support, and enable our clients to focus their attention on running their business.

Thank you for considering Rocketship for your new website!

— The Rocketship Leadership Team

Rocketship Founders (left-to-right): Nathan LeMesurier, Stefan McIntosh, Joel DuChesne